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Antiparos is one of the smaller Aegean islands. Located pricey west of Paros from which it is separated by the Strait of Antiparos. The maximum length of Antiparos is 7 miles in a direction from north to south and one greater width reaches 2.8 miles.

The ancient name of the island was “Oliaros “word of Phoenician origin that means “wooded mountain.” Modern name decisive to give the island is “Antiparos” derived synthetic “Anti” (i.e. opposite) and “Paros” as detected opposite the known Cycladic Island.

A breath So from Paros, Antiparos (only 7 minutes by ferry – boat from Punta and half an hour from the port of Paros) attracts those looking for a peaceful holiday in one of the Cycladic islands that maintain their traditional color.

Faithful friends of the island, are being attracted by the beautiful village with its Venetian castle, the picturesque churches and the famous cave, the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, sea caves and rare geological formations and the surrounding islands with great archaeological interest.

Boats, fishing boats and excursion boats, tied alongside one another, decorate the waterfront in front of taverns scent sea and well known for the seafood.

The picturesque streets, adorned with bougainvillea and other ornamentals houses dominated by white and blue, the square with the eucalyptus, the main paved pedestrian street with shops, cafes, taverns, compose a beautiful set that leads to the heart of settlement. The castle, with its unique entrance next to the church of St. Nicholas.

A special experience is a visit to the cave of Antiparos. The pride of Cyclades. Throughout the cave decorate impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The long journey through time on the inscriptions and carvings, ceramics of archaic and Roman period have been found there.

Notable also the island’s attractions include the island “Despotico” with important archaeological finds.

The island has many attractions to explore and stunning natural beauty. The old windmills, the small chapels, the beautiful remote beaches and crowded sandy beaches fascinate every visitor.

Antiparos is an island that will amaze you and make you visit it every time the word vacation comes to your mind.